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Cerberus Development, Inc.

Founded in 2021 as a side project, Cerberus Development, Inc. has evolved from a small venture serving a few clients to a thriving industry leader in central Missouri. Our client base ranges from restaurants to real estate and everything in between. We strive to offer only the best for all of our clients no matter what industry they compete in. Each project we take on as a company expands our ever growing list of capabilities.
Currently we offer a full suite of consulting services to provide our clients with expertise in virtually every aspect of information technology. Managed I.T. services and website development are the areas we have had the most success in. From cross-platform, single IDE code base, mobile app development to e-commerce packages we have the ability to help grow your company's web presence to new levels.

A few statistics...

With the availability of high speed internet on mobile devices there has been a vast shift over the past few years on how people access the internet. All of human knowledge can now be found at the tip of your client's fingers... and so can you. The statistics below depict the percentage of websites accessed by users over the past year and how they used them.
Desktop PCs29%
Mobile Devices68%

So how are we different?

We spend a lot of time learning. What is new? What is neat? How do we create that wow factor? We constantly strive to improve ourselves to offer you more.
Everyone's favorite battery driven pink bunny has nothing on us. Once we start a project our primary focus is redirected to that project. We get it done. On time, and on budget.
For us coming to work isn't just a thing we do. We love it. We live and breathe every project. We give our all to every aspect of our day. We set ourselves apart by being better.
Some people set goals to achieve things. We set goals to crush them. Why apply yourself 100% when you can knock a project out of the park at 150%?
When we get involved in a project, everyone gets involved. We work with you and walk you through each step of the process as we move through each phase.
We manage a lot of projects, but each of them gets the same level of care and attention from our team. We thrive on managing multiple projects simultaneously.
Cerberus Development, Inc.


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